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Course Name / Code / Tuition Fees
BS Business Administration [BSA]
Application fee: $29.00; Graduation fee: $250.00
38750.00 $
BS Computer Engineering [BCE]
Application fee: $29.00; Graduation fee: $250.00
38750.00 $


Course Name / Code / Tuition Fees
MS Educational Leadership/Mgmt/Tech [ELMT]
Application fee: $29.00; Graduation fee: $100.00
12800.00 $
MS International Business [MIBR]
Application fee: $29.00; Graduation fee: $100.00
14900.00 $


Course Name / Code / Tuition Fees
Doctorate Business Administration [DBA]
Application fee: $29.00; Graduation fee: $250.00
21350.00 $
Doctorate Education Leadership [DEL]
Application fee: $29.00; Graduation fee: $250.00
21350.00 $

Fees refer to the total cost of courses.

For Academic Year

Payment methods

Credit card, money order and PayPal.
We kindly request you to pay in advance a non-refundable 29$ fee to process your enquiry of enrollment.
To do so, simply fill in this request form and follow the istructions provided.

Language Policy
By filling out this form, the language of instruction for this course will be English. Therefore, applicants must provide proof of English proficiency to be able to enroll in the course, regardless of country of origin or citizenship status. Applicants can submit an English language certificate for proof of proficiency or alternative qualifications, such as a diploma or degree from an institution that conducts its programs entirely in English. Non-native speakers can submit an English language certificate. MIU provides students with a free online English assessment test if they do not have a certificate.

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1) to be in possession of the following degree (indicate your University Bachelor degree for postgraduate courses, or your High School Diploma for undergraduate courses):
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2) that the information and data provided and documentation attached are authentic.
3) that will take responsibility to communicate any changes regarding address and telephone number.
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In addition
a) The current application form will be completed once the requested documents are sent to Marconi International University, admissions:
- Copy of your ID card/passport
- Updated Resume
- Motivational/Statement Letter
- Copy of achieved Academic Certificates and transcripts
b) The enrollment university taxes for the current academic year cannot be reimbursed.

Email: admissions - Phone: (+1)-(305)-266-7678

All fields marked with an asterisk * are mandatory